Our mission is to provide training and employment opportunities for adults who have barriers to employment. We offer a variety of services to achieve this. In doing so, we’ve grown to offer assistance to virtually any of a person’s individual needs. Examples of some of these other needs that we may address are social, coping skills, and daily living skills.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Vocational Evaluation
  • Employee Development
  • Supported Employment
  • Adult Developmental Vocational Programming (ADVP)
  • Community Rehabilitation
  • Day Supports
  • LifeSkills
  • Community Living Supports


Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Evaluation is a rehabilitation service designed to define an individual’s vocational interest, aptitudes, and abilities. By using a variety of tests, tools, and techniques, individual work potential is assessed by professionally qualified and trained staff. Vocational Evaluation helps set realistic vocational goals based upon an objective assessment of work potential. Each of the major components of Vocational Evaluation, diagnostic testing and situational assessment, can be offered separately depending on the needs of the individual. Recommendations may include other services offered by CVII, referral to other agencies, and/or employment.


Employee Development

The Employee Development program offers a variety of opportunities for an individual to gain competitive work skills. Individual case management is provided while participating in work activities and instruction. Individual vocational plans are devised with the input from individuals served, CVII staff, and Care Coordinator. In-house work activities may include a variety of piece rated work, as well as housekeeping and material handling work. Based on individual needs and desires associates may be provided with classroom training emphasizing personal and social adjustment, job seeking and maintenance skills, personal grooming and hygiene, and communication skills.


Supported Employment

Supported employment services are offered when an individual shows the aptitude for outside competitive employment but needs the support of a one-on-one worker to be successful in their new role.   Supported employment is provided in a variety of settings; particularly work sites where persons without disabilities are employed. Supported employment includes activities needed to sustain paid work including supervision and training and is a paid position at minimum wage or higher. Supported Employment may also be provided to individuals who already have jobs and may need support over time to maintain it.


Adult Developmental Vocational Program (ADVP)

The ADVP program is designed for individuals who would benefit from long term work activity and who can function in an environment with limited supervision. We teach how to work, how to communicate with others, how to take care of your personal needs, and how to get along in your community more independently. Associates will determine goals to work towards while participating in the program and we will assist associates in reaching their goals.


Community Rehabilitation

Community Rehabilitation provides work-oriented services including various combinations of evaluation, developmental skills training, vocational adjustment, job placement, and employment to individuals of all disability groups 16 years of age or over who have potential for gainful employment. This service is designed for individuals who have demonstrated that they do not require the intensive training and structure found in programs such as Adult Developmental and Vocational Programs (ADVP) but need to work on the skills necessary for competitive employment. We help to learn life skills including appropriate work habits, specific job skills, self-help skills, socialization skills, and communication skills.


Day Supports

Day Supports provides training with self-help, socialization and adaptive skills outside of the home. Day Supports works to assist associates with reaching their highest potential. This service is provided at the facilities and occasionally in the community. Training Associates receiving this service may receive it one-on-one or in a group depending on their individual needs.



This is a non-vocational program that provides training in activities of daily living, self-help, community access, handling money, telling time, telephone usage, recreation, and basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills. Different classes are offered to work on particular skills. Two examples are Basic Class (teaches concepts of up-down, over-under, in-out, and following directions) and Craft Class.


Community Living Supports

Community Living Supports services provide instruction and assistance coupled with support to practice skills and achieve outcomes identified in the plan of care. This service is funded through the Innovations program.


If you are interested in learning more about or receiving any of our services call 704-471-0606, complete the contact form below or browse our “Let’s Begin!” page. All of the following programs assist individuals with developmental disabilities.