Let’s Begin!

3 Steps to Start Community Integration

The following applies to all of our “Community Integration Services”, for information on other services we offer, like “Community Employment” refer to our Vocational Rehabilitation page.

Apply & Tour!
If you or someone you know is interested in receiving services from CVII contact us at 704-471-0606 or via email. Afterwords we may have you complete and submit an Application/Referral for Services Form and then set up a tour. The Tour generally takes about 30 minutes.

The Intake!
The Intake Process may take an hour and can occur immediately after the tour or on a later date. After the individual has had a tour of our facility and has made the decision to receive our services contact us to set up an appointment for an intake. Case Managers can get ahead of the game by downloading, completing, and bringing the following forms to the Intake Meeting:

Complete as much as you can to make the Intake Meeting a faster and smoother process. After you’re done┬ácontact an Intake Specialist┬áto set up an appointment to complete the Intake process. To set up an appointment, call 704-471-0606 or complete the contact form below.

The Review!
After the Tour, Intake Meeting, and we have received everything from the Case Manager a Review can occur. A Review is a meeting between the Program Coordinators and the Intake Specialist. In this meeting we review everything that we have to make sure that we can adequately meet the individuals needs. Case Managers, be sure to get a copy of our Admission Checklist to see what items we’ll be needed for the Review. The expected wait time is approximately 2 weeks after the review which allows us time to hire new staff, In-Service staff and make other arrangements.