For more than 30 years, companies have relied on us to fill their production needs. We strive to provide quality service and production with zero defects and maximized savings. Our 56,000 square foot facility offers ample space for fulfilling your work. CVII provides a wide variety of products and services such as:

Packaging and Bundling

Blister packaging, heat sealing, shrink wrapping, packing of products into suitable media for transportation or retain display. Bundling a number of products or pre-packaged products into an integrated product offering

Labeling and Merchandising

Applying labels or re-labeling products or packaging. Merchandising can include adding price stickers or promotional items ready for display.


Simple, Complex, Varied Size, Assembly of components to complete a product per your specifications

Re-work and Re-package

Sorting, culling, salvaging, or repacking products for a specific market


Add items such as accessories and batteries to your product package.


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